From GoPro Stands to the Holy Lands

November 13, 2017

This unique story honestly speaks for itself. We met these wonderful ladies back in July 2017. Irit Abramovich and Netta Canfi came to the Chilhowee Gliderport for a week of soaring. After three days, it felt like we had known them from the start. Below is a re-post of their story and some pictures. The rest can be found on our Instagram at

Wow, this one was hard to get. 
Back in July 2017 ,we (Irit Abramovich and Netta Canfi) came to the Chilhowee Gliderport for a week of soaring. 
We stayed at Etowah, and one of my flight instructors told me about this great store,
where I could get a mount for my GoPro.
We found SMO the next day and met Amy, who knew just what thingy I needed.
We came back the next day for some pants, and by the third day we were friends, and that's how "the picture 
challenge" came about:
Amy gave us two Starr Mountain Outfitters t-shirts, 
and we promised we'd take a picture wearing them, flying in a glider over Nazareth, in Israel.
We did say - it might take some time before we manage to do this!

Today we finally got all our clouds in a row: 
Both pilots at the air field - check
A double seater glider available - check
Good soaring conditions - oh yeah!
camera - got it
and of course - the SMO t-shirts!

We took off from Megiddo air field and made our way from cloud to cloud till we reached Nazareth.
Irit worked hard till she got the perfect picture, while I climbed the thermal. This was definetly a two-women 
Finally! Mission accomplished! 
Feeling very proud of ourselves, we took a great cloud street to Mt. Tabor, and further east, all the way to the 
sea of Galilee.
Pelicans, storks, cranes and small birds of prey showed us the way there and back home - it was such a beautiful 

Amy, we had so much fun fulfilling your photo challenge 🙂 
I guess now we need to find a new one 😉”


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